Euro Paint 2022

We thought nothing could beat the successes of the german paint, but joker disagreed. 
This European Championship will go down in history for us!!


Trail (5 Judges)
European Champion  Green Trail (1,1,1,1,1) out of (39)
European Champion Junior Trail (2,2,1,1,3) out of 19

Hunter under Saddle (5 Judges)
European Champion Novice Amateur Hunter (1,1,1,7,1) out of 22
European Champion Green Hunter (1,1,1,1,1) out of 19
European Champion Junior Hunter (1,1,1,2,1) out of 9

Western Pleasure (5 Judges)
European Champion Green Western Pleasure (1,1,2,12,1) out of 31
European Reserve Champion Junior Western Pleasure (1,2,1,3,2) out of 21

Western Riding (5 Judges)
European Champion Green Western Riding (1,1,1,1,1) out of 9

Halter (5 Judges)
European Reserve Champions Performance Open Geldings (1,4,2,7,2) out of 9
 4th Amt. Geldings all Ages (10,9,5,1,3) out of 16 

German Paint 2022

Joker did sooooo great and i had my first ridden show with him and we got 1st !!!
Theresa an Joker were amazing, 
they got 6 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal !!!


Halter (4 Judges)
3rd Amt. Geldings (2,5,5,4) out of 14
3rd Open Geldings (1,4,5,2) out of 12
1x Grand Champion
2x Reserve Champion

Trail (4 Judges)
1st  Green Trail (1,1,1,1) out of 26
1st Junior Trail (1,1,1,1) out of 14

Hunter under Saddle (4 Judges)
1st Novice A. Hunter (1,2,1,1) out of 16
1st  Green Hunter (1,1,1,1) out of 12
2nd Junior Hunter (2,2,2,2) out of 7

Western Pleasure (4 Judges)
1st Green Pleasure (1,1,2,1) out of 15
1st Junior Pleasure (1,1,1,5) out of14

Western Riding (4 Judges)
1st Green Western R. (1,1,1,1) out of 11

Bayern Paint 2022

This was Jokers first Show under Saddle!!


Halter (4 Judges)
Amt. Geldings (1,2,1,2)
Open Geldings (3,1,1,2)
4x Grand Champion
3x Reserve Champion

Trail (4 Judges)
Green Trail (1,3,1,1)
Junior Trail (1,1,1,1)

Hunter under Saddle (2 Judges)
Green Hunter (1,3)
Junior Hunter (1,3)

Western Pleasure (4 Judges)
1st Green Pleasure (1,1) 
1st Junior Pleasure (1,1) 

Euro Paint 2019


European Reserve Champion
Open 2yr. old Stallions

In Hand Trail
European Bronze Medallist
Open 2yr. old IHT

Longe Line
European Reserve Champion 
Open 2yr. old Longe Line

ÖM Paint Horse 2019


1st Am. Stallions
1st Open Stallions
Grand Champion Stallions
Austrian Paint Horse Champion Stallions

In Hand Trail
Am. IHT (1,2,3)
Open IHT (1,1,2)

Longe Line
1st Am. LL
1st Open LL

Bayern Paint 2019

This was jokers first show!!
a few results....


1st Am. Jr. Stallions
Amateur Reserve Champions Stallions

1st Open 2yr. old Stallions